E-Series 24

Fresh Chicken Capacity 25lbs.
Cooking Oil Capacity 70lbs.
Operating Pressure 12-14psi
W 25.5″ (647mm)
D 48″ (1220mm)
H 62.5″ (1586mm)
Counter Height 36.25″ (922mm)
Net/Ship Weight 600/650lbs.


Highest Energy Efficiency in Pressure Fryer Category:
The gas-fueled E-Series 24G sets the standard for energy efficiency with its 72,000 BTU/hr burner system, surpassing the Broaster 2400 model by over 25% in gas savings. Ready for Energy Star application once EPA establishes standards for pressure fryers.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Lift Feature: Enhances safety and operational friendliness by reducing the need to lift heavy baskets, facilitating the handling of large quantities of chicken.
  • Shelving & Rack System: Ensures even cooking and optimal product appearance.
  • One-touch Cook Cycle: Cycle starts automatically with lid closure, eliminating the need to hit “Start.”
  • Automatic Controlled Pressure Release: End of the cook cycle triggers an automatic release of pressure within the cooking well.
  • More Production Capacity: The largest 8-piece capacity among pressure fryers, coupled with a quick filtration cycle and enhanced burner system for faster heat recovery and extended fry time.

Additional Features:

  • Automatic Oil Filtration Between Cook Cycles: Unit initiates a quick filtration cycle after each cook cycle, extending oil life compared to traditional units.
  • On Board Oil Replenishment: Allows easy topping off of fryer oil based on operator need.
  • Bulk Oil Handling: Easily connects to bulk oil input and discharge systems, eliminating employee handling of oil.
  • Advanced Microprocessor Controller: User-friendly, touch screen interface reduces training time for new employees, with a bilingual interface.

Safety Features:
Triple-redundant safety system includes a chrome-plated relief valve, stainless steel splash guard, and a patented cam lock cover system. The pressure-activated cover-locking mechanism and SmartTouch Controller integrate an automatic pressure regulator valve, exhaust valve, and drain valve interlock.

Setup and Convenience:
Standard setup includes on-board oil replenishment for easy addition. Bulk oil handling connections eliminate the need for employees to handle heavy oil jugs and dispose of hot oil. A unique carriage & rack system facilitates loading and unloading of products.

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