Broaster 92450 VF-3 SmartTouch 3


3 lbs./load
1.36 kg/load
(approx. 24, 2 oz.

Cooking Oil Capacity

21 lbs./2.78gal.
9.53 kg/10.52L


W 22-3/8″ (568 mm)

D 23-3/8″ (591 mm)

H 26-7/8″ (683 mm)

Net/Ship Weight

117/171 lbs.
(53.1/77.6 kg)
5.5 kW Rated Heating Elements
– 1 phase, 120/208 volt, 60 hz, 27 amps
– 1 phase,120/240 volt, 60 hz, 23 amps
4-wire with ground and neutral
No cord/ plug is provided.
(To be field wired according to ANSI/NFPA 70 or CSA C22.2)

SmartTouch Ventless Fryer VF-3

Introducing the VF-3 Ventless Fryer, a kitchen essential with advanced features for enhanced efficiency, safety, and convenience:

SmartTouchTM Touch Screen Controller: Easy operation with a large touch screen display and the ability to pre-program up to 100 menu items.

Unique Auto-CompTM: Automatically adjusts cooking time for consistent results, accommodating varying sizes and temperatures.

Space-Saving Design: Ideal for back-counter operation, maximizing kitchen space.

Safety Features: Built-in fire suppression system, compliant with NFPA 17A standards, and a resettable high-temperature limit switch. No hood required in most municipalities.

Convenient Production: Cooks up to 3 pounds per load for efficient kitchen workflow.

Ventless Operation: HEPA and charcoal 2-stage air filter cartridge for clean, ventless operation.

Easy to Clean: All interior components are removable and dishwasher safe.

Proven Round Cooking Well Design: Ensures uniform heat distribution, durability, and efficiency with no cold spots.

Auto-Lift: Guarantees consistent product output by automatically lowering and raising the cooking basket.

High-Quality Construction: Stainless steel monocoque construction with a black, welded, and powder-coated steel base plate.

Safety Features: Integrated ANSUL fire suppression system, redundant electrical controls, and fail-safe high-limit thermostatic control.

Advanced Air Filtration System: Three-stage system captures over 80% of allowable particulate emissions, promoting a clean cooking environment.

Additional Features

– Energy Savings Idle mode and auto shut-off.
– Information Center provides at-a-glance monitoring of
all critical systems.
– Convenient front product door for ease of loading and
– Oil level “dipstick” to insure proper cooking levels.
– Coated basket handle for operator comfort and safety.

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