SRG-400 smoker

External dimensions of just smoker:

  • 677/8″ Tall
  • 43″ Wide (including removable side-door handle)
  • 421/8″ Deep (including removable side-door handle)


  • Southern Pride’s only Stationary Rack – Gas Fired Smoker
  • 65,000 BTU Burner
  • Large capacity, small footprint allows easier delivery and installation in tight kitchens.
  • 304 Stainless Steel, Double Wall Insulated Construction

Unique Air Flow System

Delivers an even temperature throughout the cabinet.

Fully Automatic

Southern Pride wood burning barbecue pits eliminate all the guesswork in barbecuing. There’s no need for constant attention, no need to even turn the meat while it’s cooking. Southern Pride is fully automatic.

Thermostatic Control

Precise thermostatic control maintains a constant pit temperature and provides for day-to-day product consistency. This eliminates the need for training skilled employees to barbecue, saving countless dollars in a restaurant’s two most expensive factors: food cost and labour.

Wood Burning

Authentic barbecue is the result of cooking meat with the smoke and heat of burning wood. The smoke penetrates the meat giving it a flavour that cannot be obtained in any other way. Southern Pride uses fireplace size logs to obtain flavour, aroma, colour and texture beyond comparison.

Gas Fired Ignition System

Eliminates the need to manually ignite the wood. The electronic pilot – gas burner fires into the firebox, igniting the wood and assuring 100% combustion of the wood. The burner initially bring the internal oven temperature to the set point and continues to cycle as needed to maintain a constant internal oven temperature. This eliminates the need for training skilled employees to barbecue. This saves countless dollars in labour, food cost and wood usage.

Convection Air

This unique convection system continually recirculates smoke and heat throughout the entire pit, insuring temperature uniformity. This feature reduces cooking time, reduces shrinkage and allows cooking at a lower temperature.

SubterthermicTM flue

Maximum smoke intensity is obtained with this unique Southern Pride flue system. It increases smoke flavour of the meat, increased heat efficiency and drastically reduces wood usage. In conjunction with insulated walls and our air-over firebox, the SubterthermicTM flue reduces wood usage to as little as two fireplace-size logs for an entire day’s cooking.

Downtime Eliminated

The unique wood burning feature of this equipment allows for the cooking process to continue in the remote possibility of power or component failure.

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