Touch Screen Controller

The quality you expect. The ease of use you deserve.

The SmartTouch Touch Screen Controller makes preparing all your Broaster Foods® products the easiest it’s ever been. It’s pre-programmed with Broaster Foods items, so it’s quick and easy to cook all your favourites by simply selecting them from the library.

SmartTouch Touch Screen Controllers can be ordered as an option for all Broaster Pressure Fryer models. Current models can be retrofitted in the field.

The home screen interface makes it easy to navigate through the tabbed menus to find exactly what you need.

The Setup Menu has all the functionality you need to add items to the library or adjust your energy saving modes. The Setup features can be password protected, so only authorized personnel can make adjustments.

A built-in Help Menu provides all the information you need to clean your pressure fryer, walks you through how to filter your oil, basic troubleshooting, and provides contact information for your local distributor.

SmartTouch Touch Screen Controller Features

  • A large, 7″, full VGA colour touch screen
  • Complete library of preset Broaster Foods cook times and product photos
  • Easy transfer of cook times from one machine to another via USB port – great for multiple locations or units
  • All Setup features can be protected by a 4 digit PIN, accessible only by store manager or authorized person
  • Provides number of loads since last time oil was ltered and auto resets after ltering cycle is completed
  • Automatic idle and shut-off modes help further control energy consumption and reduce operating costs
  • On-screen local Distributor contact and service information
  • Current Broaster Pressure Fryers can be upgraded to have SmartTouch Touch Screen Controllers
  • Multi Language
  • Solid shortening melt cycle

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