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Doesn’t a beautiful June day just make you want to do something . . . different?

Whether it’s updating your wardrobe, putting your windows down on your commute, or ordering white wine instead of red, summer always feels exciting. And, as a restaurant or food truck owner, summer’s long days and gorgeous evenings are forcing you to get creative with your menus!

If you’re a fan of mid-week specials, or are interested in attracting a more diverse cliental, this blog post will help you find menu inspiration for the summer season: just think local ingredients, in-house classics, and more.  Grab your sunblock, because Kendale’s here to help you spice your menu up!


As professionals in the restaurant industry, we know that updating your menu requires equally parts fidelity and creativity, which requires careful consideration: after all, straying too far away from your customer’s favourites, and refusing to incorporate new items, can prevent you from pleasing current customers and attracting new cliental. So, how do you create a menu that encapsulates summer without getting rid of your staples?

Well, here are a few ways to do both!

1. Showcase what’s seasonal!

It can be hard to get creative and stay true to what you do best. So, instead of tossing out your entire menu, select a few seasonal items each week and incorporate them in new or existing dishes! This might be as simple as showcasing a fresh appetizer, icy dessert, or unique entrée that uses locally grown, seasonal vegetables, preserves, fruits and more.

The best part? Making small changes that emphasize locally grown produce, poultry and more can help you spotlight a plethora of ingredients in an accessible, exciting way!

2. Lighten things up!

Although hearty comfort foods and warm dishes are a hit during sub-zero temperatures, your summer cliental might be partial to lighter, more refreshing menu items that reflect the zesty nature of summer. So, re-evaluate your menu and try to determine where you can produce lightened-up versions of your food-truck favourites—think a chilled soup instead of a the classic French onion; or how about offering some fresh fish tacos in place of beer-battered fish and chips? For dessert, swap out that sticky toffee pudding for a layered lemon ice box cake, or a fruit sorbet made with local peaches?

3. Don’t forget the drinks!

Updating your cocktail list is another great way to introduce new colours, scents and flavours that reflect the month of June. Mixing up a house sangria, creating a lavender-forward simple syrup, or infusing a smoking beverage with local honey are just a few ways that you can give you guests a taste of summer!
And you don’t have to just stop with cocktails: introducing some new wines or beers will enable you to blend new, summertime drinks with your favourite dishes, too.


No matter what time of year it is, business owners, managers and employees in the hospitality industry are always looking for new, innovative ways to delight their clients. If you’re looking for new menu ideas, recipes, or food service equipment, Kendale’s team of professionals is ready to help you kick off the summer season: Contact us today to book a demo or learn more about our Broaster® and Southern Pride® Products.

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